Children’s Ministry


Children’s Ministry,  is  vibrant and full of life!  Led by our Children’s Director, Natalie Schreck, we are delighted that she brings lots of energy to our Children’s Ministry. Below check out some of the things we do.

Every Sunday morning, children meet for Sunday School with age appropriate learning.  Sunday School begins at 9:00 am and is a place where kids come to learn all the Bible stories and how to apply wisdom from God’s Word to their hearts for everyday living.

Sunday morning Worship is presented with hands on activities that will help children  remember the lessons learned whether about forgiveness, or love, or any other host of topics that will encourage them through their lives to grow and become more like Jesus.  This fall, 2018, we will begin a new set of Curriculum entitled:  EPIC!  We know this will bring a greater understanding of God’s Word to our kids!  We surely invite you to bring your children to spend some quality time with Natalie!

Wednesday Nights at 6:00 pm, the children are in Bible Study-Quizzing.  Children learning the Bible by heart through song, or rote memorization that will be kept in their hearts for all time.  We encourage you to bring your kids to Wednesday night Bible Study!  Then at 7:00 pm:  Children are involved in Leadership training, through the Curriculum: LEAD with Natalie Schreck!

 Activities throughout the year include:  Annual Community Wide Easter Egg Hunt; Children’s Summer CampsAnnual Community Wide Trunk or Treat;  and our annual Vacation Bible School Program!  Be watching throughout the year for the activities that spark your child’s interest in being a part of our Children’s Ministry here at the Fort Osage Church of the Nazarene

If you are new to the church, please sign your child in at our Children’s Registry Table as you walk into the church foyer! We look forward to seeing your child here!