Pastor: Shawn O’Connor

Shawn O’Connor grew up as a pastor’s kid in the Church of the Nazarene on the Seattle Pacific District and then spent his high school years on the Missouri District.  He attended MNU as a religion major but felt a call to creative access missions, so he strategically changed his major and graduated with a degree in Sociology in 2004.  Shawn worked as a social worker in Kansas City and a part-time Youth Pastor while going through the Nazarene credentialing process.  In 2005, he met his wife Haley at a youth group event, she was one of the youth sponsors and the sister of one of his best friends.  Shawn and Haley were married in 2007 and accepted a position as the Family Pastors at a non-denominational church in Merced, California.  They were responsible for a children’s program of 100+ kids each week.  Shawn completed his Masters in Missiology during this time and Haley, her bachelors in Elementary Education.  While serving the Lord in California, they were blessed with their first-born child, Ethan.  Shortly, thereafter, Shawn and Haley answered a call to serve as missionaries and sold all their possessions in order to transition to a new life overseas in China.  They worked with the Church of the Nazarene on the Asia-Pacific District from 2010-2015 and were able to plant a church that the locals named “The Grapevine.”  During those years, they grew to have a deeper understanding of cross-cultural church planting, went on many exciting adventures throughout Asia and were blessed with their second child, Micah! In 2015, the O’Connors made the choice to come back to the USA in order to get their youngest son Micah better therapy for Speech Apraxia and Autism.  They spent the next 2 years struggling to find exactly where they fit stateside, but the Lord was faithful to take care of them in their weakness and eventually guided them in May 2017 to an exciting call to be servant-leaders at Fort Osage Church of the Nazarene.


Youth Director: Kevin Winn


Kevin came on at Fort Osage Church as the new Youth Director Intern. He and his wife, Beth, have lived in the Kansas City area since 2008.  They have two children, Hannah and Elijah, who will soon be teens themselves!  They have attended Fort Osage Church for nine years and have volunteered and served in many different capacities throughout the various church ministries.  Kevin enjoys playing guitar (or any stringed instrument), being artistic, and encouraging others.  He loves working with young people, children, teens, young adults, even infants/babies!  In collaboration with the Fort Osage Pastor & staff, he strives to provide young people with wisdom, a solid Biblical foundation, and the hope of a lifelong devotion to God and to follow Jesus Christ’s teachings.



 Children’s Pastor:   Sarah Thompson


Sarah, our  Children’s Pastor, and Alex her husband, are happy to be a new part of the FOCN family.  Sarah and Alex are long time believers of the Wesleyan way.  For years they have enjoyed participating in activities of the church; from Youth Group lock-ins and VBSs to plays.  Activities they enjoy outside of the church include karate, running, tennis, soccer, basketball, and board games.  Both Alex and Sarah graduated from college and followed God in a different direction from what they expected.  Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders to work as a Speech Therapist Assistant, but was provided time and again ministry opportunities she felt drawn to.  Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education, but was likewise provided a different career through Cerner as a System Engineer.  Sarah loves teaching truths of the Bible to the children with fun, hands-on, crafty activities that help the children remember and use the lessons taught as they go throughout their week.  Sarah’s goal is to help the children build a solid foundation of Biblical understanding that can expand as each child matures in his or trust in God.  Sarah has been attending seminary, and has recently applied for her district license.  Sarah and Alex have their own little blessing with Colin Wayne who was born June, 2017.


Music Director:  Kati Smith


 Kati has grown up attending Fort Osage Church, and is honored to be serving as the Director of Music Ministry in our weekly Sunday worship services.  Along with directing music, Kati is involved in Children’s Ministry leading special music programs. Kati, along with her husband, Bronson live in Blue Springs, with their three young children, Carter, Lucas & Abby.

Financial Secretary:  Debby Fisher


Debby handles all our financial needs with the church along with administrative pastoral duties to support the pastoral staff.  Debby has been with Fort Osage for over 16 years.  She is married to her husband Craig and has two children, Karah and Kahner.



Church Secretary:   Martha Adams


Martha handles all publications and printed materials in regards to the church along with building rentals.  If you are interested in renting the church facility, you’ll need to speak to Martha.  Martha is married to Curtis and has 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren.