Welcome all who find us here! We invite you to join us for Worship at Fort Osage Nazarene.  If you are new to our page, please look around, check out the sermons, and become familiar with our church. We hope you’ll visit soon!

Join us for Sunday morning Worship:

10:00 am: Children can be checked into their own Worship Downstairs with Pastor Sarah Thompson!

10:15 am:  Sunday Worship Hour

Click on this link:  King of Kings Part 3


As we gear up for our Christmas Advent Season, let’s be mindful of who we are waiting for.  We look forward to seeing you in Worship.  If you have to miss, we offer the link above to our service. 

Be watching for new events coming up.  We post them at the top of the page.  Especially coming soon, is our Children’s Christmas Musical!  We look forward to seeing you for that, as we bring in Advent.